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Gay male submissive with shave fetish.

fit ginger boy with shaved smooth pubes - makes me remember the cute ginger lad i used to see in the lockerroom all shaved smooth like this too. he loves showing off his big bald pube-free cock 

imagine a head laid over the back of that chair

what a delightful image

Both Domination and submission require a great deal of strength and mental fortitude. It isn't just the sub who learns from the Dom either--I always learn and grow from each encounter with a sub, and my goal is always to help the sub grow and learn from each encounter with me. BDSM is always a two way street--and the best kinky encounters I have reflect this, always.

We all learn something.  I find that every sub that I train, teaches ME new ideas, thoughts and strengths.

To be a submissive is an asset, not a liability as some might make you believe.

And the saying "The deadliest myth about Dominance and submission is that one partner has to be weak" is a big mis information" a sub has value and you have to be strong to be a true submissive.


This is absolutely true. Submissives are some of the strongest people I know. 

It's reassuring to hear this from Doms I respect